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Backend services that work for you and your business.

Proactive Management, Not Reactive Consulting.

When you work with Bacix, you are hiring a team of experts and specialists that educate and deliver the best service options, plans, and platforms for every aspect of your business.  To accomplish this, we create competition around the products and services you want to ensure you get the best pricing on the services and products you choose.  We then manage those services and products on your behalf to ensure compliance.  

We are in the trenches with you; our intimate knowledge of your business puts us in the unique position to understand the risks you face.  Our primary responsibility is to help you mitigate those risks on a day-to-day basis, so you save valuable time and money, but more importantly, you have the peace of mind to focus on what matters — moving your business forward.


We are a Shared Professional Solutions Company.

We are something new, something unique, and something necessary for today’s entrepreneurs and business owners.

With Bacix, you will never be sold a suite of unnecessary services. The services you do select will include support and education to manage and execute them correctly. If you have been experiencing workers comp or healthcare rate increases, we can help educate you on why and how to avoid or mitigate your exposure.

As an SPS company, we are selective about choosing our clients. Our client evaluation process allows us to discover and work with entrepreneurs and businesses who are as passionate about success as we are.  Our experts spend the time to understand your company from the ground up. Having intimate knowledge of how you run your business allows us to provide the services, attention, and expertise you need to ensure it succeeds. 

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Rest easy. From on-boarding to expansion, we've got you covered.

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Quick, painless payroll services. Because paid employees are happy employees.

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Modern businesses need modern finances. Throw away that abacus. 




Proactive vs Reactive

Most consulting firms and support services, like PEOs, are there to help you when something goes wrong — the value of what these services provide lies in correcting problems only after they've occurred. 

Are you aware of the compliance laws when you hit 50 full time employees?

Do you know how to calculate the amount of FTE's you have?

What are your financial KPI's?

Do you have an operating budget for your business?


Are you confident your payroll is processed correctly?


Have you audited your payroll to ensure proper taxes and deductions are being remitted? 

With Bacix, our value lies in managing proactively — we implement and install the necessary processes and procedures to prevent problems from ever occurring.


Why gamble with problems when you can prevent them from the start?

Your vision wasn't built around

backend services. Lucky for you, ours was.

Smarter HR, Financial and Payroll services to help you build your business.

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