We've been in your shoes.  And they fit just right.

We exist to inspire innovation and move your business forward.


We've been there, We've done it, We can help you Navigate it

Most businesses are created from an idea — Bacix was born out of hard-earned experience.  

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve started, built, and sold companies. On the road to our successes, we made mistakes, overcame temporary failures, and, ultimately, learned that building a healthy profitable business requires continuous vigilant oversight.

We know how vulnerable entrepreneurship can be — especially when it comes to critical aspects of your business like human resources, payroll, and finance— because we’ve been there. 

Along the way, we hired companies and experts (bookkeepers, controllers, consultants, ASOs, and PEOs) that offered backend platforms and services. Unfortunately for us, entrepreneurs like ourselves did not run these services, so none of them understood the amount of attention, continuing education, and ongoing oversight we needed to ensure our businesses were compliant.  

Our frustration with these services and our passion for entrepreneurship and the American dream is what compelled us to create a uniquely innovative business admin model — the IPSc, or Integrated Professional Administration company, Bacix.


With Bacix, you have access to a team of deeply committed experts and specialists that integrate their HR, payroll, and finance knowledge into your business on a day-to-day basis to mitigate risk and ensure compliance.  As you'll see, we provide so much more than just tools. We deliver the skills, services, and support you need to manage and protect your business, so you have the peace of mind to move your business forward.


Your vision is now our vision.

James Thomas Chung

Chief Executive Officer

With over a decade of personal experience as a business owner and entrepreneur, James is obsessed with providing innovative specialized administrative services to entrepreneurs and mature businesses.

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Kim Stafford

Vice President of Human Resources

Kimberly is driven by the intense desire to provide business owners and entrepreneurs with the support, guidance, education, and attention they need to ensure their business succeeds.

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Franco Montano

Chief Security Officer

Mr. Montano is CSO of Bacix, Inc. He has an extensive background in executive management of businesses in various industries including real estate, agriculture, business process outsourcing, retail, convenience retail, marketing, call center operations, Insurance, asset management, Investments and commercial banking.

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Our Services​

With Bacix, our value lies in managing proactively — we implement and install the necessary processes and procedures to prevent problems from ever occurring.