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Comprehensive Accounting Oversight, Invaluable Financial Insight To Grow Your Business.

PEOs don't offer any financial or accounting services.


At Bacix, we provide our clients with a suite of extensive support and services for you to choose from so you can focus on growing your vision.


Entrepreneurs today need both bookkeeping and financial oversight to navigate the complexities of business properly. Bookkeepers ensure accurate data is collected and entered into accounting software, while the controller manages accounting processes to deliver invaluable insight and strategy to you and your management team. 


The budgeting and forecasting solutions  today, so you can make the most accurate decisions for your business tomorrow.

With Bacix you get the best of both worlds — qualified bookkeeping along with controller oversight and insight to ensure your business succeeds.


At Bacix, our financial strength is in the numbers. We anonymously aggregate data to provide industry benchmarks for our clients to identify internal opportunities for improvement and growth.


Beyond this, the Bacix financial team has deep roots in the banking industry. Let us help you obtain financing by working with our strong network of banks today.




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Our comprehensive program takes all the knowledge above and assists in putting it into practice. We review your systems and procedures while putting the necessary checks and balances into place. Our team not only provides the financial dashboards and benchmarks, we provide monthly or periodic guidance on areas of focus to improve the bottom line.



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With Bacix, our value lies in managing proactively — we implement and install the necessary processes and procedures to prevent problems from ever occurring.