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HR Solutions that protect your business and keep your work family happy.

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Proactive oversight to protect your business.

Human Resources plays a critical role in the success of your business.  We know how difficult it can be to navigate the constantly changing and complex compliance laws every business faces.


Today, failure to remain compliant can result in penalties, litigation, and, ultimately, cause your business to fail. To protect yourself and your livelihood, you need specialists to ensure your business succeeds.


The integrated support you need to recruit, hire, track, and manage the best and brightest people in your organization.

At Bacix, we are certified HR experts with more than twenty years of experience.  We pride ourselves on being apprised of every new compliance law and how it might impact your business.  To prevent litigation and other harmful pitfalls, we consistently run internal compliance audits - so instead of responding to legal issues, we prevent legal problems from ever occurring.


We accomplish this by taking a detailed, proactive approach to every aspect of your organization. We are working side by side with you to provide the tools, education, training, and skills you need to manage and protect your business. With over 1000 new laws in 2019, you can’t afford to not have this level of protection.




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Our comprehensive program allows us to not only develop legally compliant policies and programs but to execute them as well. Working within your guidelines, we will perform all necessary tasks including terminations, onboarding and  trainings. We will be on-site when you need us. We will work side by side to accomplish your Human Resource goals and make sure that your employees are properly educated on your company policies and procedures.



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With Bacix, our value lies in managing proactively — we implement and install the necessary processes and procedures to prevent problems from ever occurring.